Good Governance Condition

Good Governance Conditions under GCG Memo Circular 2013-02

Conditions Common to National Government Agencies and GOCCs
UPDATED: May 7, 2015


     A. Transparency Seal

     B. Transparency Seal Certification of Compliance



     B. PhilGEPS Posting Certification of Compliance

          1. 2015

          2. 2014

          3. 2013

               a. Revised 2013

               b. 2013

C. APCPI Assessment

          1. 2018 APCPI (subject for validation and confirmation by GPPB)

          2. 2017 APCPI Final Result of Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) for PBB

          3. 2016 Final

          4. 2015


     Cash Advance Liquidation

     1. As of December 2018

     1. As of November 2018

     2. As of December 2017: Aging of CA

     3. As of November 2016

     4. As of November 2015

     5. As of September 2015

     6. As of June 2015

     7. As of March 2015

     8. As of December 2014

     9. As of November 2014

     10. As of December 2013

     11. As of September 2013


     A. Citizen’s Charter

     B. Citizens Charter Certification of Compliance

V. Government Quality Management System Standards (GQMSS) pursuant to EO No. 605, s. 2007

VI. Compliance with the submission and review requirements covering Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN)

     A. 2018

     B. 2017

     C. Reconstitution of the Review and Compliance Committee

     D. MC No. 10, s. 2006 - Review and Compliance Procedure in the Filing and Submission of the SALN and Disclosure of Business Interest and Financial Connections

     E. CSC Resolution No. 1500088 Re: Amendment to the CSC Resolution No. 1300173; Revised SALN Form


I. The GOCC has satisfied all statutory liabilities, including the payment of all taxes due to the Government, and declaration and payment of all Dividends to the State as of the end of applicable year

II. Submission and execution of concrete and time bound action plans for addressing Notices of Disallowance and Audit Observation Memoranda from COA

III. Adoption of a Manual of Corporate Governance approved by GCG and uploaded in the GOCC’s website

IV. Compliance with posting on the GOCC’s website the information enumerated under Section 43 of GCG MC No. 2012-07, to wit:

     A. On Institutional Matters

          a.1  Latest version of the Charter

          a.2. List of subsidiaries and affiliates

          a.3. Government Corporate Information Sheet

     B. On the Board and Officers

         b.1. List of all Directors and Officers with Attached Resume, and their membership in Board Committees

              b.1.1 Resume of Chairman Gregorio D. Garcia III

              b.1.2 Resume of President and CEO Vivencio B. Dizon 

              b.1.3 Resume of Director Aristotle B. Batuhan

              b.1.4 Resume of Director Ferdinand S. Golez

              b.1.5 Resume of Director Glorioso V. Miranda

              b.1.6 Resume of Director David L. Diwa

              b.1.7 Resume of Director Gerard M. Camiña

              b.1.8 Resume of Director Henry L. Uri

                b.1.9 Resume of EVP Aileen Anunciacion R. Zosa

                b.1.10 Resume of VP Nena D. Radoc

                b.1.11 Resume of VP Joshua M. Bingcang

              b.1.13 Resume of VP Carlos F. Quita

         b.2. Complete compensation package of all the Board members and officers including travel, representation and any other form of expenses or allowances

         b.3. Information on Board Committees and their Activities

         b.4. Attendance record of Directors in Board and Committee meetings

             b.4.1 2019

             b.4.2 2018

              b.4.3 2017

              b.4.4 2016

              b.4.5 2015

              b.4.6 2014

     C. On Financial and Operational Matters

         c.1. Audited Financial and Performance within thirty (30) days from receipt of such report

         c.2. Audited Financial Statement in the immediate past three (3) years

              c.2.1 2018

              c.2.2 2017

              c.2.3 2016

              c.2.4 2015

              c.2.5 2014

              c.2.6 2013

              c.2.7 2012

              c.2.8 2011

              c.2.9 2010

        c.3. Quarterly Financial Reports and Trial Balance

              c.3.1 Quarterly Financial Reports

                   c.3.1    As of December 2019

                   c.3.1    As of September 2019

                   c.3.1    As of June 2019

                   c.3.1    As of March 2019

                   c.3.1    As of December 2018

                   c.3.1    As of September 2018

                   c.3.1    As of June 2018

                   c.3.1    As of March 2018

                   c.3.1.1 As of December 2017

                   c.3.1.2 As of September 2017

                   c.3.1.3 As of June 2017

                   c.3.1.4 As of March 2017

                   c.3.1.5 As of February 2017

                   c.3.1.6 As of January 2017

                   c.3.1.7 As of December 2016

                   c.3.1.8  As of September 2016

                   c.3.1.9  As of June 2016

                   c.3.1.10 As of March 2016

                   c.3.1.11 As of December 2015

                   c.3.1.12 As of September 2015

                   c.3.1.13 As of June 2015

                   c.3.1.14 As of March 2015

                   c.3.1.15 As of December 2014

                   c.3.1.16 As of September 2014

                   c.3.1.17 As of June 2014

                   c.3.1.18 As of March 2014

                   c.3.1.19 As of December 2013

                   c.3.1.20 As of September 2013

                   c.3.1.21 As of June 2013

                   c.3.1.22 As of March 2013

     c.3.2 Quarterly Trial Balance

                   c.3.2      As of December 2019

                   c.3.2      As of September 2019

                   c.3.2      As of June 2019

                   c.3.2      As of March 2019

                   c.3.2      As of December 2018

                   c.3.2      As of September 2018

                   c.3.2      As of June 2018

                   c.3.2      As of March 2018

                   c.3.2.1   As of December 2017 

                   c.3.2.2   As of September 2017 

                   c.3.2.3   As of June 2017 

                   c.3.2.4   As of March 2017

                   c.3.2.5   As of December 2016

                   c.3.2.6   As of September 2016

                   c.3.2.7   As of June 2016

                   c.3.2.8   As of March 2016

                   c.3.2.9   As of December 2015

                   c.3.2.10   As of September 2015

                   c.3.2.11   As of June 2015

                   c.3.2.12   As of March 2015

                   c.3.2.13 As of December 2014

                   c.3.2.14 As of September 2014

                   c.3.2.15 As of June 2014

                   c.3.2.16 As of March 2014

                   c.3.2.17 As of December 2013

                   c.3.2.18 As of September 2013

                   c.3.2.19 As of June 2013

                   c.3.2.20 As of March 2013

     c.4. Current Corporate Operating Budget

              c.4.1 2020

                   c.4.1.1 Revised as of March 2020

              c.4.2 2019

                   c.4.2.1 Revised as of December 2019

                   c.4.2.2 Revised as of September 2019

                   c.4.2.3 Revised as of June 2019

                   c.4.2.4 Revised 2019

                   c.4.2.5 2019

              c.4.3 2018

                   c.4.3.1 Updated 2018

                   c.4.3.2 2018

              c.4.4 2017

                   c.4.4.1 Updated 2017

                   c.4.4.2 2017

              c.4.5 2016

              c.4.6 2015

              c.4.7 2014

              c.4.8 2013

     c.5. Schedule of Foreign Borrowings Actual Payments

              c.5.1 2019

              c.5.1 2018

              c.5.2 2017

              c.5.3 2016

              c.5.4 2015

              c.5.5 2014

              c.5.6 2013

     c.6. Government subsidies and net lending

              c.7.1 2019

              c.6.1 2018

              c.6.2 2017

              c.6.3 2016

              c.6.4 2015

              c.6.5 2014

              c.6.6 2013

     c.7. All borrowings guaranteed by the Government

              c.7.1 2019

              c.7.2 2018

              c.7.3 2017

              c.7.4 2016

              c.7.5 2015

              c.7.6 2014

              c.7.7 2013

     c.8.   Certificate of No Tax Liability 

     c.9.   Any material risk factors and measures taken to manage such risks

     c.10. Performance Evaluation

D. On Governance Matters

     d.1. Charter Statement/Mission-Vision Statements

     d.2. Performance Scorecards and Strategy Map

          a. BCDA 4th Quarter 2019 Accomplishment Report

          b. BCDA 3rd Quarter 2019 Accomplishment Report

          c. BCDA 2nd Quarter 2019 Accomplishment Report

          d. BCDA 1st Quarter 2019 Accomplishment Report

          e. BCDA 4th Quarter 2018 Accomplishment Report

          f. BCDA 3rd Quarter 2018 Accomplishment Report

          g. BCDA 1st and 2nd Quarter 2018 Accomplisment Report

          h. Interim 2019

          i. 1. 2018

              2. 2018 GCG-validated Performance Scorecard

          j. 1. 2017 BCDA Performance Scorecard

              2. 2017

              3. 2017 GCG-validated Performance Scorecard

          k. 2016

          l. 2015

          m. 2014

     d.3. Organizational Chart

     d.4. Manual of Corporate Governance

          d.4.1 Charter of Expectations from the Board and Individual Directors

     d.5. CSR Statement

     d.6. Balanced Scorecard

     d.7. BCDA Code of Conduct

E. Posting of Agency System of Ranking Delivery Units and Individuals (FY 2018)

F. No Gift Policy

G. Whistle Blowing Policy

BCDA Corporate Center

The BCDA Group is a prime mover of national development. We transform former military bases and properties into premier centers of economic growth in partnership with the private sector with integrity, excellence and efficiency in the stewardship of government resources. We create sustainable urban communities to uplift the lives of Filipinos.

2nd Floor, Bonifacio Technology Center 31st St., corner 2nd Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Metro Manila 1634

P.O. Box #42 Taguig Post Office,
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